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PPC Entourage is part of the Carbon6 ecosystem and is revolutionizing the way that sellers run PPC campaigns.

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Unrivaled Support for Amazon Sellers

PPC Entourage is a trusted authority in Amazon advertising. We provide sophisticated analytics, actionable insights, and seamless automation so that sellers can effortlessly optimize their ROI.

One Link, 

Countless Benefits

As a part of Carbon6, one affiliate link opens doors to the entire ecosystem. A single promotion leads to earnings from multiple channels, streamlining your efforts and magnifying your rewards.

Earn High Commissions

It’s simple: increased ad spend is better for both of us. As a PPC Entourage affiliate, you’ll earn commissions for every ad you bring in.

Plus, as an affiliate you’ll experience:

Seamless onboarding

Simple sign-up and sign-on

Expert training

Tutorials and workshops to get you up and running faster

Co-branding opportunities

Elevate your brand alongside ours with co-branded webinars and marketing campaigns

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will my commission percentage be?

PPC Entourage offers a massive 20% commission on all software sales. The more your audience spends, the higher your commissions will be.

How much can I really earn?

Entourage charges based upon a percentage of our user’s ad spend. If someone from your audience spends $100k/mo in ad spend, you’ll earn nearly $600 per month on that client alone. The sky's the limit!

Can I offer my audience a special discount or incentive?

Yes! Once you sign up to become a PPC Entourage affiliate, you will receive a welcome email that contains your coupon code to be shared with your audience. It will give them 20% off for 6 months. Please note that use of your code does not credit your affiliate account - your audience must use your unique link to sign up for PPC Entourage.