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Entourage is designed to help your team to maximize their time, resources, and results, so you can serve more clients without sacrificing quality of work.
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Easy-to-learn UI, engineered for bulk optimization

Entourage For Agencies

How Entourage Will Make Your PPC
Agency More Money

Be more agile and responsive to changes in the market, allowing your agency to stay one step ahead of the competition, while dramatically increasing brand visibility.
When clients are more profitable, agencies are more profitable.

Entourage’s Command Center streamlines accounts in one centralized interface

Eliminates the need for spreadsheets
Switch seamlessly between accounts
Quickly and easily access all account data in one dashboard
Customize KPIs and metrics to track what matters most to your business

Smart Pilot incorporates custom rules to automate and optimize Amazon ad campaigns

Automate the basics of Amazon Sponsored Ads campaigns (without sacrificing customization)
Create multi-step, multi-rule automated campaign adjustments
Save and apply templates across campaigns

Bulk Moves lets agencies efficiently manage and
update their campaigns

Organize and adjust all campaigns at once
Quickly add new products to multiple campaigns
Change Bidding Strategies and Budget Rules for all eligible campaigns
Use a customizable tagging system to keep campaigns organized

Bulk Engine uses advanced data to create optimized strategies for multi-channel campaigns

Scale campaigns with automated bid adjustments
Simplify complex decision-making with real-time data
Find and add top-performing, high opportunity keywords
Make simple or advanced placement multiplier adjustments
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Testimonial & Case Study

“This software changed how we do PPC. We have over 1000 campaigns so there was a ton of day-to-day tasks that could add up and become overwhelming quick. PPC Entourage had allowed me to automate a majority of the day-to-day tasks involved in PPC using the Smart Pilot, and has given us great results. We trust the software to keep our ACOS low while we expand and scale our sales from ads. Mike has also been constantly updating the software with new tools that put it ahead of the competition. At the end of the day, PPCE is simple to use and shows results..”
PPCE Customer | Date of Experience: May 12, 2023
PPC Home Testimonial Jessica De Zwart
"The Bulk Engine in PPC Entourage has had a considerable impact on our agency. It has streamlined our workflow and allowed us to make large-scale
changes to multiple campaigns efficiently and has saved us a tremendous amount of time."

Padeco Global | Amazon Partner


Agency pricing for Entourage software is 1.75% of ad spend, which is a 40% discount from our normal rate.

To qualify as an agency, you must have 5 or more accounts and have a total monthly ad spend under management of $50K or more.

For agencies wishing to discuss fixed rate pricing, schedule a call with us for more details.


  • All Amazon PPC ad types
  • All regions (North America, Europe, Etc.)
  • Customizable reporting
  • Live support, M-F

Pricing Calculator

Enter total ad spend your agency manages per month (in USD):
Your monthly investment is:
As an Entourage Agency client, you will…
Save time and money by automating not only your optimization, but your growth and expansion tasks as well
Be able to work with more clients than ever before, knowing that you can optimize entire accounts in bulk - not with spreadsheets, but with the click of a button
Have at your fingertips, built-in customizable reporting, branded specifically for your agency, ready to download 24/7
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do agencies receive a free trial of PPC Entourage?

Yes, all new agency customers receive a 7 day free trial of PPC Entourage. If you require more time to test Entourage for your agency’s needs, please contact support and we’ll be happy to extend your trial.

What are the requirements to qualify as an agency?

To qualify as an agency, you must have 5 or more accounts and have a total monthly ad spend under management of $50K or more.

How long does it take to learn how to use PPC Entourage?

Most users can learn the ropes of PPC Entourage in one hour or less, unlocking endless opportunities to reduce the time spent on PPC while making more money for your clients.

Can PPC Entourage use data from my agency’s old software partner?

Absolutely. Agencies wishing to import data from their previous software vendor can provide their old data to a member of the Entourage team, and we’ll handle the rest. 

What type of training is included with PPC Entourage for Agencies?

All agency customers are entitled to live training for their staff with one of our Entourage specialists. Our aim is to make your transition to Entourage fast and easy. Live training is typically scheduled during business hours, Eastern time, however you may contact support to request a more convenient time based upon your location.