Figuring out the best strategies to attract relevant audiences, influence them to purchase, and then keep them as loyal customers is a relentless pursuit for every Amazon seller and the agencies that work on their behalf.

Amazon Posts is one more way in which brands can engage shoppers and enhance their shopping experiences, turning them into repeat-purchasers.

Available in the US to vendors and brands enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, Amazon Posts is currently in beta, meaning it has been released for public use but may not yet include all features and functionality. Posts is free to use and is primarily delivered as a mobile experience.*

*More than 90% of shoppers that view posts do so on a mobile device, according to Amazon internal data, US, June - August 2022.

Similar to Amazon Storefronts and A+ Content, Amazon Posts enables brands to educate shoppers about their products, prompting them to explore tagged products and to discover and interact with brand-curated content. Sellers share lifestyle images and captions through a shoppable feed that permits shoppers to scroll through their posts and click directly onto their product detail pages.

Amazon posts appear similar to Instagram posts. They feature a large image, short caption, and a header with the brand name and logo.

The most important difference between Amazon Posts and conventional social media is the way they display products. Unlike traditional social media sites, Amazon Posts enable shoppers to view products combined with compelling, unique content and customer pictures that are designed to evoke an emotional response.

Amazon Posts are Misunderstood

The benefits of Amazon Posts are obvious.

Surprisingly, sellers are often not interested in taking advantage of Amazon Posts because they haven’t connected the dots between brand presence, effective brand messaging and how these influence and drive revenue growth.

They mistakenly view branding efforts as a poor allocation of their time because it doesn’t directly bring in money (so why bother), unlike having a measurable ROI from a PPC ad campaign.

This presents a golden opportunity for those Amazon management agencies who can clarify this misunderstanding.

Amazon management agencies should position themselves to work with qualified sellers (using SMART Goals), so that they can show these sellers why Amazon Posts should be a critical part of any comprehensive marketing strategy designed to increase reach and grow the Amazon store.

Amazon Advertising Agencies are a Partnership

A top-tier Amazon ads agency's role is to partner with sellers in order to guide them in creating an effective overall Amazon ads strategy and to help them in making appropriate decisions designed to achieve communicated business goals.

The Amazon advertising management agency should take expert care to maximize the seller's profits at scale, stay current on all of the latest strategies (like Amazon Posts) and updates, so that the client doesn't struggle in any of these areas.

Also, for any seller who lacks the experience and resources, an Amazon management agency can take over creating, optimizing, and executing product listings and Storefronts.

Amazon Posts Management

If a brand is to succeed on the Amazon marketplace, it’s critical to have a following. Amazon Posts permit sellers to reach broader audiences and offer new ways to market products and services.

Agencies should expand their efforts to raise awareness with their current clients and promote to prospects that Amazon Posts can be an extremely valuable advertising tool because they can:

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Agencies should spotlight Amazon Posts and management services to any seller who...

  • doesn't have the time to daily manage their Amazon ads (or wants to be free from the grind of doing it),
  • isn't please with the performance of their present advertising strategy,
  • finds it challenging to stay on top of the latest Amazon updates and best practices.

Agencies should emphasize how they can help in these and other areas (e.g. while Amazon Posts are highly visible, they need to be optimized to ensure the best possible visibility and results).

5 Best Practices for Amazon Posts Agencies Can Share

  1. Help shoppers visualize products in a realistic context with lifestyle images and descriptive captions that align with the brand’s personality,
  2. Create posts featuring top-selling products or specific holiday seasonal deals to give them more visibility,
  3. Spotlight product collections by tagging multiple products in each post,
  4. Recycle Posts from other social media channels,
  5. Craft headlines that will catch the target audience’s attention (up to 200 characters).

How Amazon Agencies Can Use Posts To Grow Their Brands

Agencies should clearly highlight their ability to assist with aspects of Amazon advertising that are beyond the scope of basic PPC (like using Amazon Posts), and how they can help sellers to make the necessary tweaks to ensure that they are taking full advantage of every Ad Spend dollar.

Agencies should use their resources and experience to make sure that their client’s brand messaging and content are authentic and reflect the brand’s unique value, connect with relevant/targeted audiences in their categories, and help build brand loyalty and drive sales.

Make Your Agency Unstoppable

Amazon Posts should be one part of a larger strategy designed to drive visibility and scale revenue for your business. To further increase efficiency and productivity, consider leveraging an all-in-one Amazon advertising solution such as PPC Entourage. PPC Entourage empowers agencies to manage all of their brands in one central, intuitive interface, with no limits on number of accounts or ad spend. Entourage supports all regions, and will cut down on the time it takes your account managers to manage accounts. Click here to discuss your agency’s needs.