Updated October 2022

Recently, Amazon hosted a Prime Early Access Sale (Oct 11-12), an exclusive event for Prime members to get deep discounts on the top brands that they may be seeking during the holiday season. We have updated this educational article to feature new tactics and strategies to help sellers to take advantage of this new sales event, as well as traditional Prime Day sales.

How to Boost Holiday Sales Post-Prime Early Access Sale

This event also provided an unprecedented opportunity for Amazon sellers to enjoy additional spikes in sales and data collection. These “secondary Prime Day” sales and data can be used to maximize sales during the remainder of the Q4 peak shopping season.

Extra sales revenue can be allocated towards scaling up holiday PPC campaign budgets, helping to further increase a seller’s presence throughout the different phases of the Customer Buying Cycle.

Search terms data and complimentary products data can help sellers to make informed targeting decisions for their holiday campaigns, in order to create stronger ads that yield a high ROAS.

Furthermore, sellers can use segments of the data collected from the Prime Early Access Sale, in Brand Analytics > Market Basket Analysis, to develop strategies to increase sales over the holiday period.

There are several ways to maintain the Early Access Sale and original Prime Day momentum after these events have ended.

Sellers should keep in mind that many brands (especially after the Summer event), will be easing back their collective feet off of the advertising gas-pedal, which creates a vacuum. There are still hundreds, if not thousands of shoppers eager to max-out their credit cards in the pursuit of that ‘last sweet’ special promo or discount.

Sellers should use retargeting to raise brand awareness and to reengage shoppers who may have visited their Amazon Store or listings without making a purchase.

Strategies for Retargeting Prime Day(s) Shoppers

Sellers can take advantage of the data Amazon has collected from Prime Day and the Early Access Sale, by using some of the features from Sponsored Display Ads. Sponsored Display Ads allow sellers to retarget potential buyers both on and off Amazon.

These features include Audiences, Views Remarketing and Amazon Audiences.

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With these features, sellers can retarget and re-engage shoppers who have viewed/shown interest in their listings or similar products in their category in the last 30 days.

  • When retargeting with Sponsored Display Ads, bids are ‘per-click’ both on and off Amazon.
  • Sellers also can create customized ads by adding their logo, or by crafting unique headlines for specific types of audiences.

Depending on the amount a seller decides to bid, Amazon will either spend more or less depending on how likely they consider that a shopper viewing the ad will make a purchase. Amazon will never go over the daily budget assigned to the campaign when the seller created it.

  • Because sellers are remarketing to secure the sale from prospective shoppers, they would utilize the "Optimize for Conversions" feature.


Types of Remarketing Campaigns Post Prime Day

1. Category or Interests/ Lifestyle

Post Prime Day campaign goal: drive awareness for new product and brand launches. Reach audiences who have recently visited other similar categories and brands.

For example, if the product is a cat litter mat, the seller would set up post Prime Day ad campaigns that would target new pet owners and closely related cat categories such as cat litter box enclosures.

Bonus Tip: Example Headlines…

An example of a customized ad headline that could be used in this instance, would be one that piques the curiosity of shoppers… ‘Find out how to eliminate litter scatter’.

An alternate headline strategy might be to tap into the self-interest – “How does this benefit me?” of the shopper… ‘Never worry about litter scatter again’.

Sellers that may need help with creating compelling product ad headlines can use the free resource, Entourage Spotlight Headline Creator.

Sellers can also use Amazon Audiences to remarket to Post Prime Day shoppers. Amazon audiences gives sellers access to several audience segments in order to engage new customers or retarget potential customers.

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Amazon audiences includes:

In-market: In-market audiences allows sellers to reach audiences in the same category as their advertised products to drive consideration and gives them the ability to try out entirely new segments to help drive awareness for their products.

Lifestyle: Used for awareness campaigns, these audiences reflect a variety of aggregated shopping and viewing behaviors. These behaviors reflect shared preferences and reveal lifestyle segments such as ‘sports enthusiasts’, ‘new pet owners’, and more.

Interests: Interest-based audiences allow sellers to raise awareness for their products with prospective customers based on what they frequently browse and buy.

Life events: Life events audiences give sellers the opportunity to drive awareness and consideration for relevant products based around life moments like ‘new baby’, ‘going on vacation’, and more.

2. Acquire New Customers

Post Prime Day campaign goal: advertise your best selling products to audiences who have recently viewed similar product or specific category detail pages.

Remarketing to competitor listings or specific categories (CPM + on/off amazon)

For example, sellers would remarket over the previous 30 days to all audiences that have viewed products similar to theirs or choose a highly specific category.

The custom creative might be “Ours is Better.” Sellers could use headlines like ‘Our new and improved cat litter mat’, or ‘The cat litter mat that actually works’.

3. Drive Additional Sales

Post Prime Day campaign goal: advertise to shoppers who have been to your listing in the last 30 days but have not purchased yet. Sellers would use Views Remarketing to help re-engage those audiences.

Bonus Tip: More Headline Ideas...

Sellers might try to re-engage shoppers who visited their pages but did not purchase with Call-to-Action headlines like: ‘Grab your cat litter mat today!’ or ‘Don’t accept cat litter between your toes. Buy now!

4. Get "Out-of-Aisle"

Post Prime Day campaign goal: select adjacent or substitute categories to reach new audiences. Sellers can also choose In Market. Sellers are seeking to go after wider audiences (for example, audiences in the dog toys category).

Sellers should...

  • think outside of the box (where is your audience potentially hanging out?)
  • test using low bids,
  • use specific headlines.

Sellers might re-engage shoppers with a customized headline that drives curiosity (example: ‘Did you know litter scatter is avoidable?).

While the official Prime related sales days have wrapped up for this year, shoppers are still hunting for after Early Access Sale/Prime Day deals, looking for savings before prices go back up. This is a prime opportunity for sellers to take advantage of post Early Access Sale & Prime Day traffic to grow their businesses and engage shoppers during the different stages of their customer buying journeys, both on and off Amazon.

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