Sellers have countless options when considering working with an Amazon PPC agency or software company. There are so many options that it may seem overwhelming. This can make it difficult to discern which companies are not only potential fits for your brand, but trustworthy in general.

How Do I Know If I Can Trust an Amazon PPC Company?

The very first thing to do when considering working with an Amazon PPC company is to check out their reviews.

Whether you’re considering full scale advertising management or a simple piece of software, checking in on what others have to say about a company is a great indicator of the experience you can expect.

When exploring a relationship with an Amazon advertising agency specifically, there are four important questions you should ask every single company to ensure you sign up with the right partner.

Another important way to know that a company is trustworthy is by determining their relationship to Amazon. Are they members of the Amazon Ads Partner Network (they should have at least a Verified Partner badge, preferably Advanced Partner status)? Are they in the AWS Partner Network?

If you scroll to the very bottom of this page (or any page on the Entourage website), you’ll find logos that only authorized program members are allowed to display. They look like this:

Advanced Partner Badge
Amazon Logos

Any Amazon-related software or service provider you do business with should be displaying these badges publicly. It means they’ve undergone rigorous processes and are actively compliant with multiple Amazon directed programs.

How Do I Know Which Amazon PPC Company is The Best?

Now that you know how to figure out who you can trust, you might be asking, “But, how do I know who is the best?”

The real question is… who is the best for you?

Get to know a company’s approach to Amazon advertising. Do they specialize in the basics (better for new sellers) or do they know the ropes of truly advanced Amazon marketing (better for larger brands)?

Review their educational materials, and don’t forget to check out those reviews. Paying attention to what they specifically helped with to get that happy testimonial will speak volumes to the type of software or agency they are.

Most importantly - everything should be transparent and make sense to you. Clear outlines on pricing, someone willing to speak with you regarding expectations, etc. This is your business that you’ll be trusting them with, and you should never feel “in the dark.”

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