Virtual bundles are an amazing opportunity to generate revenue and cross promote products. However, they aren’t available to everyone, and not all ad types work with them. Read on to explore if Virtual Bundles are right for you.

What is an Amazon Virtual Bundle?

Virtual Product Bundles allow FBA brand owners to bundle two to five complementary products to be purchased together from a single listing. Unlike normal product bundles, “virtual” bundles don’t require sellers to send items to Amazon pre packaged together.

What are the requirements for virtual bundles on Amazon?

Amazon has strict guidelines for Virtual Bundle eligibility.

  1. Products must belong to a brand enrolled in Brand Registry and have “new condition” FBA inventory.
  2. Gift cards, electronically delivered products, and used products are ineligible.
  3. Bundles may contain two to five products, all of which must be available for purchase individually (outside of the bundle).
  4. Bundle prices must be lower than or equal to the sum of all prices of the products in the bundle.

What are the Pros and Cons of Virtual Bundles?

One of the biggest and most obvious advantages to Virtual Bundles is that they allow you to sell your products together without having to send specialized shipments of pre packaged products.

This is a major marketing opportunity for brands - using Brand Analytics, you can determine which products sell best together and create a simple and easy way for customers to purchase multiple items from you.

Virtual Bundles also appear on Product Detail Pages, giving your products more real estate on your listing.

The only drawback of using Virtual Bundles is that you can only advertise them via Sponsored Brands. Sponsored Products ads do not currently work with bundles.

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