New sellers sometimes want to know the ins and outs of making their products Prime eligible.

For FBA sellers, Prime eligibility is automatic, but for FBM sellers there are a few extra steps involved to switch to Seller Fulfilled Prime.

So, the big question for non-FBA sellers is…

Should I Make My Products Prime Eligible?

For most sellers, the answer is an immediate Yes!, but let’s dive deeper into the reasons why sellers may choose to fulfill via Prime.

How Many People Are Prime Members?

A huge benefit to Prime is the built-in audience that is looking specifically for Prime eligible products. That audience (Prime Members) is massive, and growing faster over time.

As of January 2021, there are more than 150 million Amazon Prime members worldwide. That’s 150 million people who have been statistically shown to start their shopping on Amazon, and look specifically for Prime eligible products when making purchasing decisions.  

Bonus Tip #1: If you’re considering switching to FBA, click here for a complete list of FBA fees.

Do Customers Trust Prime Products More?

Because customers are guaranteed to get their order in a timely manner, trust in Prime products is typically elevated.

Furthermore, Prime products tend to rank better, showing up higher in Amazon search results. This increases impressions and potential clicks (and in turn, potential sales).

Prime products also have a higher likelihood of winning the Buy Box. This is crucial for sellers who are competing for sales on a common listing, as winning the Buy Box means that when the customer adds the product to their cart, the sale is all yours.

Finally, because shipping is free for Prime members, cart abandonment is lower, meaning higher average conversion rates for Prime products.

Bonus Tip #2: There’s a handy FBA revenue calculator provided by Amazon. Access it here.

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