Amazon Non Endemic is a new form of advertising on the Amazon marketplace and other Amazon owned properties, specifically designed to allow brands not selling goods on Amazon to still advertise on the platform.

What Does “Non-Endemic Brand” Mean?

Non-endemic brands are brands that do not sell products on Amazon’s marketplace.

For example, a local diner that advertises on Amazon, but doesn’t sell anything on Amazon itself, would be a “non-endemic brand” or “non-endemic advertiser.” On the other hand, a company that sells cat litter mats on Amazon is considered “endemic,” because it is where you would expect to find this type of product.

Marketing agencies that manage advertising on behalf of local businesses now have the ability to take advantage of a new form of advertising (Sponsored Display Ads for Non Endemic Advertising) and reach new audiences across Amazon owned properties, including streaming services.

What is the difference between endemic and non-endemic advertising on Amazon?

The key difference between endemic and non-endemic advertising on Amazon is that endemic advertisers are selling goods directly on Amazon’s platform, while non-endemic advertisers are advertising goods and services not found for sale on Amazon.

Endemic advertisers currently have a wider array of advertising tools at their disposal, however non-endemic advertising is still an incredible opportunity for off-Amazon businesses to reach audiences via the most heavily trafficked ecommerce marketplace.

Amazon had over 3.8 billion visitors in September of 2023 alone, and with geo-targeted advertising options for non-endemic advertisers, targeting potential customers in specific geographic locations is simple and effective. In fact, 43% of Amazon shoppers are influenced by ads they’ve seen on Amazon.

What is Entourage Local?

Entourage Local is a software solution that empowers marketing agencies to quickly get started with and effectively manage non-endemic ads on Amazon. 

As an Advanced Partner in the Amazon Ads Partner Program, PPC Entourage has the in-depth knowledge and experience needed to support agency partners. We help agencies to “get in early” on this groundbreaking new form of advertising, and to stay at the front of the pack in terms of strategy. 

For marketing agencies looking to outsource management of non-endemic ads, Entourage also offers management services and customized white label arrangements.

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